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Get Started with Temporal

Take your first steps into building apps with Temporal by exploring how Temporal apps work.

Set up your development environment

Estimated time: ⏱️ ~5 minutes

Make sure you have everything you need to start working with Temporal on your local machine.

Go Java TypeScript Python .NET 

Run your first Temporal Application

Estimated time: ⏱️ ~10 minutes

Download and run a small application and explore how Temporal executes Workflows and Activities, and how you can recover from failures.

Go Java TypeScript Python .NET 

Build a Temporal Application from scratch

Estimated time: ⏱️ ~20 minutes

Write a program from the ground up in one of the supported languages:

Go Java TypeScript Python 

Run Workers with Temporal Cloud

Estimated time: ⏱️ ~10 minutes

Update your Worker code to connect to Temporal Cloud and run your Workflows.

Go Java TypeScript Python 

Next steps

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