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What does the State Criminal Search Workflow Definition Look Like?


// StateCriminalSearch is a Workflow Definition that calls for the execution an Activity for
// each address associated with the Candidate.
// This is executed as a Child Workflow by the main Background Check.
func StateCriminalSearch(ctx workflow.Context, input *StateCriminalSearchWorkflowInput) (*StateCriminalSearchWorkflowResult, error) {
var result StateCriminalSearchWorkflowResult

name := input.FullName
knownaddresses := input.KnownAddresses
var crimes []string

for _, address := range knownaddresses {
activityInput := activities.StateCriminalSearchInput{
FullName: name,
Address: address,
var activityResult activities.StateCriminalSearchResult

ctx = workflow.WithActivityOptions(ctx, workflow.ActivityOptions{
StartToCloseTimeout: time.Minute,

statecheck := workflow.ExecuteActivity(ctx, a.StateCriminalSearch, activityInput)

err := statecheck.Get(ctx, &activityResult)
if err == nil {
crimes = append(crimes, activityResult.Crimes...)
result.Crimes = crimes

r := StateCriminalSearchWorkflowResult(result)
return &r, nil

Swim lane diagram of the State Criminal Search Child Workflow Execution